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  Detector for wireless micro-earphone
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  Movable Language Laboratory System for teaching and studying languages
 Wireless earphone for teaching
 Wireless earphone for home
 Infrared teaching system
 Simultaneous interpretation system

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     Infrared frequency-modulation sub-system for teaching studying and examining languages

IF-2081 Super high frequency

IF-208 Super high frequency

IF-208T Super high frequency

R-1106IF Super high frequency infrared

large power infrared transmitter

Infrared earphone

Infrared, double-frequency earphone

multi-bands radios for teaching


Moveable Language Laboratory System

IF-2081 Super high frequency IF-2082 Super high frequency


IF-2358T Learning machine with
large power infrared transmitter high sensitivity infrared receiver

 Learning machine with Receiver and  interphone

Receiver and  interphone with frequency modulation


This is the patent product of our company, the Moveable Language Laboratory System, and also is the Infrared Frequency-Modulation System for teaching, studying and examining languages.  It not only has the basic function of language laboratory as communicating easily among the different units, but also has more other advantages, such as being moved easily as the wireless equipments (not occupying the immovable places in the classroom), being changed the student units freely, and costing much less than the normal system. At the same time, the host machines in different classrooms can be associated to use for large-scale examinations. This is an excellent scheme for the assembly function of several units, including the Moveable Language Laboratory as the teaching and studying system for oral language, the Infrared audition sub-system as the main system for teaching and examining languages, and the frequency-modulation sub-system as the exercise system outside classes and the standby system of examination       


patent products,      copy forbidden

Letter patent for Infrared frequency modulation receiver To accept the application for the Moveable Voice Laboratory System
Paten No.ZL 2004 2 0009346.X No.200620022764.1