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 Detector for wireless micro-earphones
 Cheat Signal Isolator
 Movable Language Laboratory System for  teaching and studying languages
 Wireless earphone for teaching
 Wireless earphone for home
 Infrared teaching system
 Simultaneous interpretation system

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    Beijing EDUSUN Science Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a modern multi-producing and continuable-developing enterprise, and includes research, innovation, design, production, sale and service. Our company has high-level techniques and many excellent staffs, and provides the first-level products and service to our clients.      

Our company specially produces many kinds of electronic products, such as Mobile phone Signal Isolator, Movable Language Laboratory System with the function of listening-speaking-dialog-exchanging in a wireless mode, infrared frequency modulation system for teaching, studying and examination of foreign languages, simultaneous interpretation system, wireless earphone and headphone for language teaching. The wireless radiation and the wireless acceptance systems are the two dominating fields. We have extended our selling network to the range of the whole country.

Our company is one of the largest manufacturers of Mobile phone Signal Isolator in China, can produce about 4,000 each day, which is the sufficient guarantee to deliver the goods for our clients in time. On the basis of our strong ability for Research and Development (R&D), we design and produce the series of new products in a quite short period, including whole-function Cheat-Signal-Isolator, Isolator for wireless micro-earphone, headphone and interphone, Detector for wireless micro-earphone etc. These products are used for examinations, universities and schools, library, prison, courtroom, conference room, theatre, church etc., where secret and quiet are requested absolutely. Our new products also include Infrared voice-transmission system, which associates with the signal-isolating/shielding system mentioned above are used for the high-level language examinations and secret meetings. In these cases, the signal-isolating/shielding systems are used to interdict the communications of the signals for cheat between the inside and outside, while the infrared voice-transmission systems transfer the signals with high fidelity and interdict the leakage of the signal. This must be the perfect scheme for secret.

The headquarter of our company is set up in Beijing city, and our offices lie in the joint region of Haidian and Chaoyang districts, aside to Xueyuan Road, and neighbor to the technological and electronic center of Beijing, Zhong Guan Cun. Thus, the fast and convenient network connection and other modern message communication methods benefit us to response to any request of our customers in a shortest period.

The manufactory of our company is set up in Dong Guan, Guangdong province. The unique advantages of the electronic industry and the corresponding associated sets at local make an excellent developing environment for our company. We possess workshop about 1800 m2, produce more than 1,000,000 goods in each year. Our company always insists on the principle of "producing excellent products" . We try to use the best quality materials, the high-level techniques, and result in obtaining the high-quality products.

To strictly control the quality of the materials and our products, we bought many special equipments, such as the synthetic testing equipment for resistance, condenser, inductance, the analytical equipment for transistor, and the special equipments to check the lost electron current of electrolysis and condenser. We have the strict and detailed guidance manuals. During the producing processes, the operation at each step must be proceed exactly following the manual. We proceed “three-steps checking” during the producing, namely, checking each other, checking by themselves and checking by specialists. Moreover, we proceed the “three-steps self-checking”, namely, checking, classifying and marking by themselves. We have special testing equipments, such as source of high-frequency signal, distortion instrument, double-traces mV Meter, double-traces oscilloscope with high-frequency, and frequency-response instruments of intermediate-wavelength, short-wavelength and intermediate-frequency, etc. These equipments make it is possible for us to obtain accurate technical parameters.

We possess advanced equipments for checking and testing, and the high-level technical specialists, which guarantee our high-quality products.  We operate following quality management systems strictly , i.e. the international AQL1.0  2.5 standard for quality of the products, and the national GB9374 standard for the function of equipments.

Up to now, a large number of our products have been used in many recruiting bureaux, universities, colleges, primary and high schools for their English education and grade examination. These avoid cheat and create the fair air in  examinations, make the teaching and studying be much easier and improve the corresponding effects. With the outstanding properties, splendid materials, beautiful appearance, excellent quality, and the thoughtful services, our products have widely obtained sincere trusts and acknowledgements from teachers and students, which also are helping them to improve their effects of teaching and study.

         In summary, our principle and rule are “Good quality as the first element, sincerity and trust as the basis, customers as the top, thoughtful services as the guarantee”. We will continue to persevere, work hard, innovate, develop, and provide more and more excellent products, associated with more thoughtful services.