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本公司的生产基地位于广东省东莞市区,厂房面积约为1800平米,年生产能力达100万台。先进的检测设备和技术过硬的专业人才保证了卓越的产品质量。本公司对产品执行严格的质量管理体系(质量检测按国际标准AQL1.0  2.5标准执行,机器性能完全执行GB9374国家标准)。



Beijing EDUSUN Science Technology Development Co., Ltd. specially produces  Mobile phone Signal Isolator, Identification card discriminator (verifing instrument), Movable Language Laboratory System with the function of listening-speaking-dialog-exchanging in a wireless mode, infrared frequency modulation system for teaching, studying and examining foreign languages, simultaneous interpretation system, wireless earphone and headphone for language teaching.

Our company is the largest manufacturer of Mobile Phone Signal Isolator in China, and can produce about 4,000 each day. We use high-capability importing  integrated circuits and paste components, and use importing machines for automatic  paste components and circumfluence jointing, pipelining production etc., thus our products have high quality and stable function. Our products are used for examinations, universities and schools, library, prison, courtroom, conference room, theatre, church etc., where secret and quiet are requested absolutely.

The manufactory of our company is set up in Dong Guan, Guangdong province. We possess workshop about 1800 m2, produce more than 1,000,000 goods in each year. We possess advanced equipments for checking and testing, and the high-level technical specialists, which guarantee our high-quality products.  The production is operated following quality management systems strictly , i.e. the international AQL1.0  2.5 standard for quality of the products, and the national GB9374 standard for the function of equipments.

Up to now, a large number of our products have been used in many examining bureaux, universities, colleges, primary and high schools for their English education and grade examination. These avoid cheat and create the fair air in  examinations, make the teaching and studying be much easier and improve the corresponding effects. With the outstanding properties, splendid materials, beautiful appearance, excellent quality, and the thoughtful services, our products have widely obtained sincere trusts and acknowledgements from teachers and students, which also are helping them to improve the effects of teaching and study.   


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